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Drill Team is the largest team in the unit in terms of quantity and number of people needed to make up the team. You do not need to have any previous experience at drilling to succeed on the team. 


Unlike all other teams in this unit, the Drill Team has a spot for cadets of all talents. If you are a brainiac, join the academic branch of the team. For those who are talented at sports, drill team has an athletics section. If you prefer working with a small group of cadets, join Color Guard.For other cadets who are willing to try something completely new, join Armed or Unarmed Drill Team.


There are two main branches of this team; Armed Drill and Unarmed Drill. Armed drill members carry rifles while drilling while unarmed members do not. Gender is not a deciding factor when it comes to which team you compete on; you are free to choose. 


At the end of the day, Drill Team is a family.  The Drill Team has been getting more and more successful each year for the past two years and the ELHS NJROTC unit is serious about making a name for itself. As such, if you decide to join, be prepared to show up to practice, give 100% at said practices, and work hard

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