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Required Forms

This category has all the forms needed as an Eagles Landing NJROTC Cadet. Specifically the Standard Release Form, Health risk Screening Questionaire & Sports Physical.


This category has study guides that covers all the basic knowledge expected of a cadet.

Professional Advancement Requirements (PARS)

This category has all the requirements needed in order to be advanced to the next rate or rank. 

Cadet Field Manual

This category has the Cadet Field Manual (CFM). This manual covers the basics of a cadet's first year. Available for download.

Cadet Reference Manual

This category has the Cadet Reference Manual (CFM) This is a handy reference to the highlights from the Cadet Field Manual. Available for download.

Intro to NJROTC

This category begins with the history and development of the NJROTC program and continues with the development of leadership skills. Available for download.

Orders to the Sentry

This category has all of the eleven General Orders with an explanation for each. Further study regarding these general orders can be found under Quizlet.

DOD Chain of Command

This category has the Department of Defense (DOD) chain of command  (COC). 

NJROTC Rates & Ranks

This category has the NJROTC rates and ranks (collar devices and abbreviations). Additional study guides for NJROTC rates & ranks are available under Quizlet.

Navy & Marine Corps Rates & Ranks

This category has rates & ranks for the Navy & Marine Corps. Additional study guides are available under Quizlet.

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